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Set up Google my Business Listing 2019

Google my business verification GMB

Set up Google my Business Listing 2019

Prior to start Set up of a Google my Business Listing, I am going to tell you about what is Google My business actually? and how it boosts your business?

Google my business or GMB is a free tool “given by Google”, that allows you to add your business on Google Maps, to appear on Google search.

Here an example, look at my added screen shoot. I need a plumber to repair my water connection. I searched on the Google search engine.

When I enter my query “plumbers in Karachi” and click on the search icon. It shows the different businesses of plumbing services with their details and direction.

google my business listing
Image of Google My Business Listing

I used these details and I did contact one of these service providers. Businesses got a new customer and they got a positive ranking on their trade.

Why (GMB) Google my business listing is important?

We know that the majority of the internet users are searching their query on Google, to find a service or reference to something else as required.

According to Google’s report, over 3.5 billion queries searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, globally.

In my above image, it shows that I was searching for a plumber in my location and I used Google Search Engine.

Google Map showed some pre-listed “Google My business listings” with their details.

I did contact one of them shown company and I solved my issue. So, here is the point that

Google My Business boosting your trade locally and giving recognition or identity to it.

Which directly or indirectly boosts your physical trading or service. If you are clear about GMB now, we go forward, towards our main objective.

To register your trade on GMB, you must have a Gmail account. If you have already, that is fine. If not, then follow my steps under here.

How to create Gmail Account

To get register in Gmail or account creation, first, you must have to sign up. Follow the link Gmail account.

How to create gmail account

Fill the Gmail registration form with your original details.

gmail register
Gmail register

After successfully getting the Gmail account email address. Go to Google My Business official page. See the given image.

google my business sign up

Click on the Start Now button. It will take you on another GMB page.

google my business

Here, if your shop already on Google Maps, just enter your shop or trade name and search. If not, then click on the “Add your business to Google” option.

business name

Write the Trade name to create your google my business profile.

add business location

Here, add your actual shop or store location where your shop or service exists. “It is very important to give actual information”

If you have already added in Google Map to your shop, then select the “no” option. Also, select your G. Map registered business, if you want to verify it.

give business address

Now, after submitting the Industry details, click on next. On this page, it will show some existing GMB. But you are creating a new google my business listing. So, choose the second option “This doesn’t match”.

point you business on google map

How to add your business to Google Maps!

As you click on the Next button, you will go on the next step. Where you have to point your business exact location, with the help of G. Map, location pointer.

Hold the red location pointer and point on your trade location and click next.

location of you business in google map

Here, if your industry is giving services outside location or you have a home delivery system, choose the first yes option. If not, you just go with no and the next button.

outside delivery

Now, give the category of your trade. E.g. Plumbing Service, Carpet Fitters, Roofing Services, etc. and next button.

your business category

On this page, you have to mention the actual business contact details. Good offer. If you have an existing website it is good.

But, if you don’t have a website then google gives a website option to create new. After completion, move to next.

your business and personal details

Well done, you have done. Now you are on the final stage. Just click Finish.

gmb registration

Now, you are on the final stage to verify your trade. Write your contact name and click on Mail. Google will send a postcard to your given address to verify your business.

So, for some countries e.g. the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. get the verification postcard in 4 days and some other Asian countries get the postcard in 14 days.

If you will not get a postcard, just come on this page and again request for the postcard. After 3 times a postcard request, if you will not get the postcard.

You have to contact Google My Business from the help option.

verify gmb with postcard

Verify your Trade with a Google phone call

There are several ways to verify your GMB Listing. It depends on you that the way of verification you use.

  • Postcard Method: Verify by (postcard), through post mail
  • Phone Verification Method: Verify by phone number
  • Through Email Verification: Verify by email address
  • Instant verification
  • Bulk verification

To verify your Trade with a google phone call, your country should be in the specific list of phone verification countries. This option is not available globally.

Hence, I have completed the steps, about getting a new google my business listing in GMB.

So, if you have any questions related to this topic just drop a comment. Thank you 🙂

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