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How to Fix Sound Issue: No Audio Output Device is Installed

No audio output device is installed feature image

No audio output device is installed, issue solved!

no audio output device is installed, an annoying problem which I was getting in Windows 10. Finally, I got a permanent solution to it.

If you also have the same no sound problem. Just follow my article.

no audio output device is installed
A banner image of “no audio output device is installed”

It seems the biggest disturbing when your personal computer or Laptop doesn’t work properly.

especially “no audio output device is installed”, message or icon.

Not limited to this, even more, with reference to input or output hardware or software functionality

Here, I am going to show the solution for “no audio output device is installed”.

this is commonly occurring in windows 10 that sound not working on the laptop. I observed, like myself, many people who know internet usage,

they are searching for this solution. But on the other side, the would-be many people who don’t

have the facility or know this sound not working on a laptop or pc issue.

If you are facing this issue “no audio output device is installed windows 10” or any windows, this is the best solution for all.

Without wasting time, I am going on the main objective. I am sharing THREE Techniques to solve the no sound issue or no audio devices are installed.

Follow these steps as required or accordingly.

How To Fix “No Audio Output Device is Installed” Error

On your desktop > Right Click on This PC,> Click on Properties

My computer properties image

Click on Windows Device Manager

windows device manager

Right-click or click on the menu bar – Action > Scan for hardware changes.

On this point, your system will detect your hardware and an automatic installation will be started.

Just click the Next option till Finish and your sound will work properly. If this method doesn’t work. Follow further…

install audio output device

(Must connect to the internet) Click on your existing sound driver icon and Right-click > Update Driver > Search automatically for updated driver software

and doing click on the Next option till Finish. Your sound driver will be install.

If this method also doesn’t work. follow my next technique.

update driver

FIX: No Audio Output Device is Installed

From the Start, click on Search and type Registry Editor and reach till your sound driver option. I have a Realtek sound driver.

This is the registry path, you just follow.


Windows 10 sound driver registry path
windows 10 registry editor

Now, After carefully selecting the sound driver ( for mine, Realtek). Right-click and Delete the sound driver registry folder.

Restart your computer. I hope this method will solve your laptop sound issue.

sound driver registry path

The output device is installed error

For me, the most valuable and problem-solving software, this software has solved my laptop sound problem permanently.

The software name is “File Association Fixer v2“. With this software, you can solve any kind of software issue.

You can download the software from this secure link.

When you unzip and open the software folder. Here are two options. X64 and X86. So, you just choose the associated file and Double-click on it.

update driver

After that, open the software and just click on the Fix Files option.

File Association Fixer V2.0 image
File Association Fixer V2.0 image

Then, select the dill option and Click on Fix Selected. I am 100% sure that your laptop with no sound problem should solve permanently.

.dll repair software


In this, no speaker output device is installed article. I have tried to cover almost all useful solutions.

Hence, If any of these techniques don’t work or it couldn’t solve laptop audio not working issue.
Just write down your issues in the comment box.

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